LAW  CLUB
Being one of the most respected and best clubs in Mangu High school, Law club continues to command unparalleled levels of excellence.
With over 70 members, Law club continues to exert unintended dominance over the rest of the the clubs due to its high efficiency rate and skills instilling programmes .Over the years the gradual rise can be attributed to the administration for providing a club patron, transparent nature of officials and the undying commitment of the members to succeed, and surpass the preceding teams achievement.The club exists on five core values;
        1) transparency
        2) objectivity
        3) self-awareness
        4)commitment to excellence
        5)good moral character
The clubs success over the years can be centered to the clubs mission and vision;
To positively influence the life of students by helping them understand their immediate social, political and economic environment.
To be the club of choice due to our commitment to excellence and ability to transform goals into reality.
The club operates under an administrative hierarchy as outlined below(2009-2010)
            Fidel Halwenge-president
            Easton Kahuki-Vice president
            Baraka Karanja-secretary
            Godfrey Ouru-treasurer
            Jepher Kere-speaker
            Brian Chege-Public relations officer
            Nguthiru Ndegwa-student representative
The club achievements have been overwhelmingly many and continue to come with each epoch of officials and members.The club achievements include:-
    -organising an inter-school symposium
    -creating an alumni body through the former president(2006-2008) Fred Ananga.
-many members have taken Law as a career choice and representing Law club and Mangu as a whole.    
    -Creating a member base of upto 100 students
    -Opening a club website
    -Working with international clubs of the same interest to create opportunities for
All in all Law club aims at creating a better society which will be driven by the unending desire to follow the Laws of Kenya and commitment to do right.

                            Compiled by:
                            Easton Kahuki
                            Baraka Karanja.B


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