Mangu’ Rugby: Wazimba
Rugby  as most people know it is a game of hooligans played by outstanding charming gentlemen .With it complex dynamic structure and its uniqueness, it has been one of the games in Mangu’ high school being ranked the best teams in all gaming and co-in the sporting arena.
   It was introduced into mangu in the early 1987 in the humble school vicinity in Thika .The was no rugby pitch at the time but the school administration allocated some land which was converted to two standard size rugby pitch which are used by the players till today .The game was quite new to most of the students and the game took sometime to be learnt, accepted and enjoyed by the students .The passion 4 the game flared up in the 1990’s where more student took interest  in the game and the school started competing against other schools.
    A team was formed which was to represent the school in various tournaments and competitions in the high school category! The team was named WAZIMBA!!
This is a cannibal native tribe who used to live deep in the Congo basin around west Africa.
     Wazimba over the years has made a remarkable house hold name in many schools being famous for its perfect line outs! It participates in the various tournaments e.g.
Camp David(mangu)
Mangu Opens(Mangu)
Changez opens(Lenana school)
Damu pevu tournament
Bush opens(alliance school)
Impala floodlights
Uttermost(Nairobi school)
7’s aside school leagues
15’s aside Secondary leagues
Prescott tournament

   Wazimba has continued being a champion in all this competitions. it has even appeared severally in the East African Regional championships. Through the team hard work, trust in God and determination the team will continue performing well in this tournaments.
    The team has also produced outstanding players with international recognition like Joshua Gathumbi, Dennis karanja(Dadex),Mathew Msalia, Polycap odhiambo and Ted munene. The team nature young talent to excellent players.
    The team is at the moment being coached by two very experienced coaches: Steve Maongo and JohnBoscow  mwamba(a world class referee with 10 international appearances and a IRB certified educator)
The current 2010 team also plans to achieve there maximum potential by winning all the tournaments in the Rugby calendar .e.g. floodies, Dubai 7’s circuits.
   The wazimba anthem:
In this Island of wazimba they say we conquer every team,
Wazimba,Wazimba,wazimba!ehh! They say we conquer every team x3.

Wazimba motto: Wazimba we have, discipline we have, in good and in bad, give thanx the Lord.

Teddy munene.
Ian Tagi
Fidel Halwenge

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