""The Biotechnology club in Mang’u High School is a newly formed energetic club, with a one-year history, whose prior objective is to assist students to explore their knowledge on matters of concern in the field of Biotechnology. As the name suggests, the club seeks to engage students in the learning of new ways of using scientific tools to modify organisms to achieve hybrid vigor and other traits useful to humankind.     

The main objectives of the club are to:-

  • Create fun in learning Biotechnology.
  • Learn through discussion the advantages and disadvantages of Genetically Modified Organisms.
  • Come up with projects and experiments to enhance a more pragmatic approach to the issues.
  • Become one of the most vibrant and influential clubs in the school
  • Organize educational trips for the members.
  • Enable students to find relevance in the theoretical work taught in the classrooms.
  • Assist students in adopting a more scientific mindset and critical thinking.


""Members of the club hold weekly meetings every Thursday between 1 and 2p.m under the supervision of the club patron, Mrs. Anastacia Maina. The club patron, also a Biology teacher in the school, is able to guide students on contentious issues and help us in the undertaking of projects.

Currently, the club officials are:-

  • Joseph Mbabu-   Chairman.
  • Clinton Kibisu-   Vice Chairman.                                                       
  • Njuguna Brian-   Secretary.

These officials are to coordinate club meetings, trips and projects.

During the club meetings, members have the opportunity to make presentations on whatever they have learnt throughout the week and hold discussions and debates on pre determined topics and themes. The officials also organize quizzes and questionnaires which students actively participate in and the student who emerges the best in these is rewarded with a gift purchased with money received from members’ registration and termly contributions of sh.60 and sh.10 respectively.

This money, collected by the treasurer, is also used in the organization of trips. Recently held trips are such as one to the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (J.K.U.A.T) and another to the National Museum of Kenya.

The club members are anticipating taking up two main projects for the 2010, among others. These are:-

  • Overseeing the growth of banana suckers
  • Growing of mushrooms.

Both projects are set to take place in the school vicinity where the members will be able to manage them effectively as they are projects which require constant attention.


""The company boasts of the following achievements:-

  • Achieving a substantial committed member population
  • Having students who take part in the National Science Congress.
  • Creating relations with Biotechnology clubs of other schools e.g. Kenya High School.
  • Creating student awareness on Biotechnology.
  • Successfully holding discussions and quizzes to logical conclusions.


To the effect of the growing demand for Genetically Modified Organisms to solve current issues, the club, which targets mainly the youth, promises a propitious future for both our local and global community.

Come therefore and be a part of this undertaking.


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