What Next After High School?

You finished high school last year, or even the last five years. Every day, you walk two (2) steps towards your dream career, and then six (6) steps backwards. Everyone has an idea unto what you need to do? Or even what you need to become! No one is listening to you. Your choices are so limited because the information you have is as limiting! And you ask yourself; Is there hope for me? What options are there? If I do not go to college, what else can I do? How can I get started? How do I get there? And if I go to college/university, what do I study? What career best suits me? What will I enjoy studying?

You need not struggle anymore. There is no doubt that deciding on a future path after high school is not an easy task. It all depends on where you want to be and how quickly you want to get there. Some people are sure what they want to do while in high school while others plan after secondary school. Others wait for a period of time before they can decide. No one way is the right way because every choice means sacrifice and every path leads to more than one destination.

Did you know there are thousands of options to explore before you can decide on which area might be your best option? Who knows about careers in the military? Apprenticeship career pathways? Careers in sports? Careers in the arts? We should not allow ourselves to be limited by only the careers we know, or the careers other people have taken. 

You need to find out more if this best describes you;
o Undecided on what to study. 
o Unhappy and wish to change from what you were admitted to study. 
o Unsure on what options exist.
o Completed high school in the last 5 years and still struggling with what to do. 
o Dropped out of school and looking for ways to earn a living. 
o Lack the right information that can kick start their career and succeed in life!

Does any of the above sounds familiar? You need not worry. There is no dead end! There are several post high school options you can explore! There is an opportunity to advance for everyone. DISCOVER YOUR POST HIGH SCHOOL OPTIONS: College and Career Readiness Course will address most of your questions. The lessons are well chosen, designed, and presented by experts to make you confident about your options and possibly reduce the above frustrations. Take Charge of your life! Take the course today!

By College of Career Guidance and Development

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